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---Daniel Boone Optimist Club Spring Craft Show---
Date: March 16, 2024
Time: 9 AM - 4 PM
Location: Daniel Boone Middle School
Crafter Fee: $45/6x5 foot space

Once you've created or updated your account, request the show(s) you want. Your status will be "in review" until we approve, deny or wait list you. You will receive an email when your status changes from "in review". If you are approved, please submit your payment ASAP to secure your spot. If you receive a "wait list" status, it means that we think your craft would be great for our show but we have too many of that particular category or we are too full at this time, but it is still possible you could get in to the current show. If your status gets changed to "denied" it means that we are not looking for the type or quality of your craft at this time. It is possible that we may accept your application for another show, or if you submit different crafts at a later date, your application may be accepted in the future.
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