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Hawaii Food Industry Association (HFIA) is a non-profit organization led by a diverse board of directors consisting of some of the State of Hawaii’s most well-respected executives and leaders. HFIA is dedicated to ensuring that Made in Hawaii businesses not only survive but thrive in today’s economy. The Made in Hawaii Festival is HFIA’s signature event which it has been producing since 1995. Our passion for this event is driven by our shared values. Since its inception, the Made in Hawaii Festival has helped countless Made in Hawaii businesses achieve success not only through strong sales during the festival but also by providing access to retail buyers that allow Made in Hawaii businesses to become sustainable year round. The Made in Hawaii Festival provides an opportunity for companies to market themselves to retail buyers, consumers and test-market new products. Over the years the event has become a business incubator helping businesses to test-market products at a low-cost to thousands of patrons. It is our pleasure and joy to continue this mission with the strong support of our government and our community.
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